Thursday, February 1, 2018

Gifts From The Ancestors - A TCM Perspective

To live well is to cultivate The Three Treasures. We are born with these three gifts. These gifts are sent forth from our ancestors so that we may live in harmony.

The Three Treasures are the three main energy centers in our bodies. They are called Jing, Qi and Shen. When the three centers are working harmoniously we are in balance in every way, physically, mental and emotionally and spiritually.  

A main concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Taoist belief that a person is born fully enlivened with the treasures that we are born with. The treasures that we have inherited from our ancestors. They are with us at conception and see us through birth and as we grow in life. 

Jing translates to essence. It is the constitution we receive from our parents at conception. Jing can be strengthened through diet, sleep, exercise and life style. It can also be depleted by poor use of those things. It is stored in the lower dan tien (pelvic bowl)

Qi translates to energy or life force energy. It is also known as Mana, Prada or Ki in different cultures. This is the energy that is most dynamic. A healthy body has constant movement of qi through ou the body. Qi is stored in the middle dan tien (heart area)

Shen translates to spirit. It is the energy that drives our minds. Weak shen can manifest as anxiety or depression or even more serious problems of the mind. Shen can be strengthened with meditation, tai chi, or qi gong. Shen is stored in the upper canteen (mind center. 

Art, Dance and Music can have an effect on all three treasures. The arts integrate all three treasures helping to bring balance. I often ask my clients if they are feeding their creativity. Many people in our culture do not have a creative outlet. 

We are born with these Three Treasures. In our culture we tend to waist these treasures. We eat poorly, don't get enough sleep, and pollute our minds with negative thoughts. We must remember that what we take in has an effect on our constitution. The food we eat effects our bodies, the things we see and hear effect our minds and spirits. And the things we think can have a negative or positive effect on us. 

To cultivate these treasures is to practice right relationship physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is done through exercise, diet, herbs, and energy practices such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong etc. When we are in balance we are in good health mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We think 1000's of thoughts every day. Are your thoughts positive? If they are thoughts of worry or judgement they may be hurting your over all balance. 

Catch yourself in thought. Ask this question. I how is this thought serving me?  If it is not serving you in a positive way replace it with a thought of gratitude. 

This sounds easy, but this is something that may take practice. We often go straight to whats wrong in life instead of whats right. The next time a friend asks how you are, tell them something positive and see how the energy lifts in the conversation that follows. 

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Facilitated by Antoinette Cresci de la Torre and Wanda K Whitaker