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​Ancestral Healing Through Mask Making and Epigenetics
​An interview with Wanda and Antoinette about their upcoming Shamanic Mask Making Workshop, Epigenetics, Shamanism
and how they will be blending the two to take you on a unique healing journey.​​

Ancestral Healing Through Mask Making and Epigenetics

A Shamanic Mask Making Experience

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Experience an initiation into healing and change by creating your own unique ancestor mask embodying the power and love of your ancestors.
Whether your ancestral roots are genetic, ethnic, spiritual or geographical, numbers, vibrational healing and guided journeying leads you into the realms of the spirit world to connect with the ancestors and their guidance. 
Then through sculpting, painting and embellishing,
the face or your ancestor emerges!
This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about shamanic creativity and tapping into the mysteries of the ancestors. 
No experience required. 



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