Shamanic Healing Session
Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man, dating back at least 30,000 years. It is not a religion. It is a way of connecting to nature and the Divine. The practitioner enters an altered state through the practice of journeying. It is a practice used to help heal the soul and get spiritual guidance through divination. This practice is based on personal experience, this is what separates shamanism from a religious or faith based practice. There is no time or space in Shamanism this practice can be done in person or distance. Shamanic healings may include Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction Healing and more. For more information please read this article by clicking  HERE   
Sessions are 1 to 2 hours depending on where the spirits take us.  
Call 650-238-4901 or Book Online

Shamanic Journey Counseling​
In keeping with classic Shamanism, where shamanic practitioners gain direct access to wisdom and help through journeys into non ordinary reality. Shamanic counseling makes it readily possible for the contemporary person to get the wisest possible advise for their personal questions and problems. This is a system for personal empowerment. In this process the counselor guides the individual student in divination journeying so that they can access non ordinary sources of guidance and information which typically provide wise, compassionate, ethical, harmonious and practical solutions for clients' concerns. 
Because the experiential nature of the practice involves the whole person and extensively utilizes the power of one's visionary and analytical abilities, Shamanic Counseling has been found to be remarkably effective as a transformative method helping people in their lives. 
$180 per session or 5 weekly session series $900 Call 650-238-4901 or book online
This offering is also available via Zoom

Distance Healing 
Antoinette also offers distance healing. These sessions are done remotely. You make an appointment for a phone consultation. Antoinette will call you at the agreed upon time. Then a time for the healing will be set
Call for pricing information and appointment times
Spiritual and Shamanic Healing hold to time or space. Anything that needs to be done in person can be done remotely.

Reiki Sessions and Workshops 
An ancient Japanese spirit based modality of energetic healing which is beneficial for stress reduction and pain management. This is done by life force energy flowing through the practitioner. While the practitioner lays their hands on or over areas of the body. 
60 min. $120 per Reiki Session 

Reiki Workshop fees : Reiki 1 - $150
                    Reiki 2 - $225 

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