Friday, November 9, 2018

Prayer to our Home and Mother

This poem/prayer was written by me last year during the Santa Rosa fires. To ask mother earth to please give a reprieve. Unfortunately California is on fire again.
With Love and Light, 

Grand-Mother Full of Life

Beautiful connector of beings
Shape shifter
Way maker
Nourisher of Cells

Rain down your love
Nourish the skin of our mother
Gently Gently

Heavenly energy
Breath of life
Dancing with leaves
Giver of flight

Lay down and be still
Your time will come again

Heat of Passion
Giver of light
Burning heart
Your warmth brings joy

Calm your rage
Hunger appeased 

Deep moist nourishing
Roots of the ancestors
Branches of knowing
Mountains of memory

Bring forth your bounty
Still your body
Gently breathe

Grand-Father Strength
Give us power to protect
Help us stand in solidarity
Fist in Hand
Heart Open

Grand-Mother full of life
Let your birth waters flow
Your breath calm
Your passion gently nourish
Your abundant body bloom
Always giving 

Always supporting


Monday, June 18, 2018

Collective Energy

In this new governmental administration, there has been a buzz word. Well actually two buzz words. They are collective and energy. When you put the two together it describes what happens when many many people feel the same way. Another key word to think about. Feel......

Every day when I go to work, I prepare for the day. Both logistically and spiritually. I arrive and meditate on how I would like the day to go. I ask for help from my spirit helpers so that I have the power to do a job well done. I clear the space and raise the vibration of my healing space. I do this whether I have massage or spiritual healing session that day and even if I have facials or waxing clients coming in. In the end I want, that my clients leave my space feeling better than when they came in. No matter the reason they are there.

One day in particular, I decided to draw a card from one of my oracle decks. Usually the card is right on track with where I am at the time. But this time in particular, the card has been a catalyst for my next project. The front of the card read, "I can praise abundance wherever I see it."  Wow, my first thought.....I do that. Then, I read the back of the card.

Ha! Eye opener!
I realized I was contributing to the collective energy that is bringing lack to our lives. I don't know about you, but I have been hearing more and more of my clients talk in a negative way about the very rich. Me included......Its hard to admit it, but this card was a real slap in the face. When I started thinking about it, I realized that I too have a hard time feeling joy for the 1%. I too have been criticizing and pushing against what I really want.

 Upon conversing with a friend at a cafe, you know who you are, I realized that what we need is a way for people to shift. How do we raise our vibration?  How do we attract what we want? How do we get people to start being positive. Just saying be positive isn't going to work. You have to feel it. Ahhh, feel, the other buzz word. How can we feel joy for another's good fortune. Its easy with friends and family. But what about the man in the white house and the CEO's of corporations. What about those people. If what Abraham says is true, then we cut off our nose to spite our face every time we feel a negative emotion regarding another persons abundance. 

So here is a snippet of more to come. A little exercise for The Law of Attraction from the book by Ester and Jerry Hicks, " Ask and it is Given". Its called "Moving up the Emotional Scale". If you are feeling anger, fear, grief, depression, despair or powerlessness this exercise is a great place to start. 
The idea here is to learn to shift your feelings and in turn your vibration. If you are wanting more money, your not going from not having money to having money. You first have to go from feeling insecure to feeling secure, the money can follow. If you are ill and want to be well you must shift from  fear to confidence. The more confident you feel the more wellbeing you have. 
If you want a new car, the universe hears my car sucks, its too small, it uses to much gas, it always breaks down. So you have to shift what you feel about having a new car.  
Your challenge is, first and foremost, know what your current emotion is. What are your thoughts? Are they positive? Are you feeling power-filled or powerless?  If you are feeling powerless find another way of thinking about your dilemma. How can you make the glass half full?

If you would like to learn how to make this shift stay tuned! I will be offering a Law of Attraction Class in Pacifica once a month as part of the Wise Women Sharing series with my colleague Wanda K. Whitaker

Pacifica Law of Attraction 
Oct 16, 23, 30 and Nov 6
7:00PM to 8:30PM
Florie's Book Store, Pacifica, Ca

Monday, April 23, 2018

When Ancestors Speak

When Ancestors Speak

The wind blows across the sea
Music left behind
One with water


Old Country twice

Two Seas

Go back and back

Blood still red

Grandmother country

We are here in you 
Mother country
We are here in you 
Land is one


Antoinette Cresci de la Torre - Copyright,2018

This ancestor mask was a year long project filled with dance, drumming, poetry, sculpture and of course.....Shamanic Journey Work. It was inspired by the poem, which I wrote at the International Women's Drum Camp in 2017. An amazing Poet, Playwright, Multi-Percussionist, Photographer, and Teacher
 by the name of Avotcja taught a short but powerful class. This was one of the catalysts that sent me flying forward on a year long ancestral journey. Blessings to the many women who have touched me this past year and years to come.