Monday, December 28, 2020

Core Shamanism, Our Birth Right

Why the Shamanic Journey?

Shamanism, over the last few decades has been making a come back.  This revival is out of necessity. Before this rebirth, Shamanism was disappearing from the face of the earth.  Only a few indigenous cultures have been able to survive this systematic erasure of this beautiful and powerful spiritual practice. Politics, Organized Religion, Colonization, these are a few of the causes of our spiritual autonomy being robbed from us. But there is hope. 

Most people are not aware of the fact that shamanism even exists. Many people, myself included no longer trust organized religion. They know there is more to spirit than blind faith. And since Shamanism is an experience based methodology, many scientific minds and educated people are realizing that to make a real change in healing ourselves and the planet there must be communication.  Not just communication with human people, but also with as the Lakota say, "all our relations". The animal people, plant people, rock people, the elements and the natural world in general.  And of course, the unseen. 

I once read a book by Duane Elgin, author of The Living Universe. He tells us that 95% of what exists in the world is unseen. Shamanism is a methodology used to access non ordinary reality. To interact with highly evolved, benevolent, compassionate and full of wisdom spirits. The very spirits our ancient ancestors drew upon for the purpose of healing and survival. 

I have seen through my personal experience with Shamanism, the ecological side of this beautiful practice. The reverence for nature, something that was overlooked in my Roman Catholic upbringing. Our ancestors had this reverence. They recognized the power of nature and our connection to all living beings. Now modern civilization is at an awakening, a cross roads. We are realizing that our connection to nature is of a life and death relationship, just as it was for our ancient ancestors. 

World wide people are using a drum as a means for entering an altered state to access these beings. Many cultures use plant medicine to access this way of being as Carlos Castaneda wrote about decades ago. World wide people are forming circles to drum and journey to gain insight and wisdom for the purpose of healing ourselves and the planet. Entering non ordinary reality and learning what our ancient ancestors knew. 

The beauty of modern Shamanism is the fact that through technology we have access to each other all over the planet. And the ability to share this wisdom with others. In my Shamanic practice I do just that. Since Covid, I have started using technology as a means for teaching the methodology to access other realms, I have been giving others the gift of the Shamanic Journey both in person and on Zoom. 

Shamanic Counceling is an avenue that teaches a person the methodology to gain access to non ordinary reality for the purpose of gaining access to highly evolved, compassionate spirits and to gain wisdom and healing . This is to learn what ancient and modern indigenous cultures already know. "Everything that exists, is alive!"

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