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The Path to Visualization

The Path to Visualization

A big part of my life has been spent visualizing what I would like to manifest. There is a long list of goals that have been met by doing so. But one of the earliest times I can remember using this technique was when I was a young girl. My figure skating coach used to have us visualize our routines before a competition.

The very first time she had me do this was during figure skating camp in Squaw Valley, California. We were at a training camp in preparation for a figure skating competition that was held there every year. This particular time we were sitting in the stands waiting our turn for practice ice time. Back then we used small portable tape recorders and sometimes a walk man. She had us put our headphones on, play our music and close our eyes. We were to visualize our programs skated perfectly.

As I recount this experience, I realize that this can also go in a direction that is unwanted. During that time I was having trouble with one of my jumps. I was also having trouble visualizing it perfectly. Our minds are powerful microphones that have a direct connection to the divine.

Over the years I have learned from this that whatever you think, good or unwanted, that is the thing you will manifest. So now, I clear my mind of negative thoughts and bring my awareness to what I am grateful for. That is the first step. Then you visualize what you want. Even if it is currently out of reach. Especially if it is out of reach. This sets up the energy around me for the path to begin to pave itself.

Since those times as a young girl I have managed to manifest many things in my life. Not all of them exactly how I hoped, often times it turned out to be better. More of what I needed at that time.

Visualization can also be used as a form of meditation. You may have heard of guided meditation. Visualization is self guided meditation or self guided imagery. I decided, after watching for a lifetime, to learn how to surf. This was about 10 years ago. I used this technique to assist in muscle memory while I was learning. I would lay down or recline, close my eyes and go through the whole process in my mind. Driving to the beach, suiting up, waxing my board, carrying my board to the waters edge. Warming up on the beach, paddling out, finding the right spot, paddling, popping up and riding the wave, kicking out and starting the process all over.

Now, 10 years later, when I am feeling stressed and unable to get to the beach I will do this process.  I have used visualization to find a place to live, find a job and manifest my healing center and many more. Some people feel they are not good with imagination. But you can surprise yourself. Give it a try.

Antoinette Cresci de la Torre
Guided Imagery

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